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Our work represents the complete brand experience that positioned The Sharper Image into the Iconic brand it is today. Three decades of striking cover designs, cutting edge photography, art direction for retail, direct mail, product packaging and web design.
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A respected community health organization needed a new website and they struggled with articulating positioning, values, purpose, and services. We guided them to clarity and gave them a brand image that matched their passion for making a healthier world.
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Game-changing Blockchain Technology that arms marketers with undeniable consumer permission. Brand. Logo. Brand Story. Positioning. Website & Copy. With clients in the wings - they challenged us, with no real direction, to deliver the whole enchilada from brand identity, story, services names, and website design and copy.
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Kate Langford

An award-winning career consultant wanted a vision-forward brand that she could grow into. Our work focused on positioning her company as the leader in career transitioning in Australia with eyes on a global vision.
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NJ’s Largest “Trade-only” Wholesale Flooring Company - They had a vision to change the entire interior design industry by creating an online one-stop shop platform - everything from samples, measurement, bids, purchase, and installation. We made their vision a reality. Our team created a total brand experience.
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Motorola engaged us to produce a half a million dollar global advertising project. The vision was to connect Motorola products with immersive cultural-specific lifestyle shots. We delivered, on budget, multi-cultural brand-forward imagery for print and packaging.
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Targeting wealthy audiences for purchase and mainstream audiences for brand status awareness. The inspired creative included: print and web ad campaigns as well as website design and development. Photography two-part shoot with model and products with hi-end retouching.
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Immersive sales event with the intent to “Wow” Audi as Google client. Our work involved creating every detail from presentation, name badges, agenda, and experiential room graphics.
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Pacific Premier

A leading California firm, partnered with us to enhance their digital brand presence. We created a unique brand identity, tailored website design, and strategic positioning, surpassing competitors. Entrusted with full control, we successfully captured their industry prestige, delivering a powerful web and brand image.
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Kramp Krusher

An extreme sports chew had a product that ultra athletes loved once they tried them. The challenge was the old packaging looked too much like kids candy. Our branding, packaging, and social media work transformed Kramp Krusher from obscure to a fast-growing running club favorite.
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We collaborated with Google to redefine their sales events, merging our world-class design expertise with their vision. Entrusted with transforming their events into unforgettable experiences, we masterfully designed a range of elements — from invitations and presentations to event banners, badges, and folders. Our shared goal? To leave attendees in awe.
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Partner for Better Health (PBH) believed their website did not adequately convey their impactful story nor serve as the central nexus for their expanding fellowship. Confronted with challenges in brand messaging, design, and functionality, we adeptly steered the project to deliver compelling brand messaging and an impactful design.
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a lead generation at scale national leader, engaged us for a comprehensive brand transformation. We crafted a distinct brand identity, custom website, and exclusive trademarked processes. Additionally, we implemented a year-long blog strategy, encompassing everything from research to execution. Our work secured a top spot on Google's SERP in just a week after launch.
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Munni Krishnan - Creative Website Design - Küco Media

Working with KÜCO Media is a whole different ballgame compared to other agencies. They get it. They listened to what I wanted, totally nailed my vision, and even went above and beyond. Working with Melissa and Xavier is awesome – you’re gonna love their professional way, enthusiastic vibe, and the outcomes they deliver.

Munni Krishnan

CEO, WiseUp Tax Advisory Group

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Ala Cart & Add On’s

Certified AI Personal Consulting $1500 / 90 Minute Strategy Session

Certified AI Personal Consulting $1500 / 90 Minute Strategy Session

One Hour Brand Strategy Meeting $1000 / 1 Hr Monthly
Custom Responsive Website Design, Development & Copy
Healthcare Community Health Assessment / Corporate Reports
SEO Content At Scale


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We are not a design production house; our aim is to ignite your brand with innovative concepts. Pricing for each project varies based on several elements and becomes more expensive as individual projects. Typically, our rates are more affordable than large national agencies, yet slightly higher than solo freelancers, reflecting the added value of our project management and creative guidance services.

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Dora Barilla
President of HC2 Strategies Healthy Connected Communities.
My name is Dora Barilla, President of HC2 Strategies Healthy Connected Communities. We are a strategy consulting firm dedicated to fostering health and well-being through partnerships between health systems and community organizations. At a critical juncture for our newly formed company, we needed a partner capable of encapsulating and conveying our unique mission. Xavier Estrada Designs met this need with unparalleled precision.
Melissa and Xavier excelled in narrating our value proposition and crafting a compelling narrative for a service previously uncharted. Their approach went beyond simple web design; it was about shaping a transformative narrative for a substantive, interactive client relationship. As HC2 Strategies grew, handling government and managed care contracts, Xavier Estrada Designs was instrumental in enhancing our communication and design across various media. Xavier’s adaptability and commitment to excellence, bringing in additional expertise when needed, have been invaluable. Our growth and success reflect the bespoke, innovative support received from Xavier Estrada Designs, a partnership we value deeply. Thank you for the incredible impact on our journey.
Michael Mourgides
Co-Founder of Concussion Media
Hi, my name is Michael, Co-Founder of Concussion Media. I want to share the outstanding experience we’ve had with KÜCO Media. Melissa and Xavier are phenomenal. Working with them from the initial branding to developing our website has been a remarkable journey. Melissa excels in the interview process, capturing the essence of our company to present our core strengths uniquely.
Melissa’s skill in extracting and articulating our company’s message for our website has made it a powerful tool for attracting potential clients. The transformation, including a complete rebrand and a new logo design, has been exceptional. Our website and branding now reflect our professionalism and the quality of our services, positioning us as serious contenders in our industry.
I highly recommend KÜCO Media for anyone serious about enhancing their business presence. With our new site, branding, and bios, we’re now equipped to engage with major buyers effectively. KÜCO Media provides direct, impactful content that ensures we are taken seriously. Working with them is a decision I assure you will be more than satisfied with. Thank you.
Sun Migliacci
Founder and CEO for Yorbis
Hi there. I’m Sun Migliacci, Founder and CEO for Yorbis, and I’m here to talk about my incredible experience working with KÜCO Media. Before, I met Melissa and Xavier, Yorbis was in pre-launch phase and faced significant marketing and branding challenges. We were struggling to define our identity and effectively communicate our brand to our target audience. But then we discovered KÜCO Media and the genius behind it. Melissa, she’s not just a marketing expert, she’s a visionary. Melissa and Xavier have this incredible ability to listen, understand and craft a branding vision that’s unique to our business. She really took the time to learn about us, our values and our goals before our launch. And her personalized approach is really what sets her apart from the rest. With KÜCO Media guidance, we developed a solid branding and marketing foundation positioning us for a successful launch. If you’re looking for a marketing agency that can prepare your brand for successful debut and beyond, we highly recommend KÜCO Media with Melissa and Xavier. Thank you, Melissa and KÜCO Media for helping us pave the way for our upcoming lunch. We couldn’t have done it without you.
Shannon Hanson
Lightfood Media
Hey there. Shannon Hansen here, founder of Lightfoot media, and several other marketing technology companies wanted to say a quick word about Melissa and Xavier. If you haven’t had the pleasure of working with them before, it’s pretty difficult to describe the experience of working with Melissa and Xavier, because it truly is on a different level. Um, I liken it too, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of being able to go and see the actual Mona Lisa, uh, in Paris, France, the experience is unlike anything else.
What do you compare the Mona Lisa to there? There’s no comparison. It’s in a league, all of its own. And that’s, that’s the experience with Melissa and Xavier, the work that they do and the quality, not just the quality of the work, but the professionalism that they exhibit in, uh, in doing the projects that they do. It’s in a league, all of its own.
It’s not comparable to anything else. There is no second Mona Lisa that can be compared. So when you talk about making your business stand out, which is really, really, I think what this is all about at the end of the day for you, you want your business to stand out like the Mona Lisa stands out. There’s no comparison. So if that’s what you need for your business, and I firmly believe, and in this day and age in the sea of, uh, of digital marketing and, and websites, uh, that’s what you need. You need differentiation on that level. And, um, how do you, how do you put a, how do you measure that? How do you put that into context? It’s only something that someone can see and experience similar to the Mona Lisa, until you’ve seen it for yourself. You just don’t know the difference that how special it is.
So that’s the level of, I firmly believe that’s the level of quality of work that Melissa and Xavier, uh, turn out. Uh, I’ve seen that to be the case in all of the work that, um, that they’ve done for us in our companies. And I see that in all of the work that they do for, uh, for their other clients as well, it’s just, it’s next level. There’s no comparison. And I firmly believe, like I said, that’s where each and every business needs to take itself in this day and age to differentiate itself from everything else that’s out there in that sea of, of, uh, uh, of the internet. So I hope that helps you, uh, my wholehearted recommendation for working with Melissa and Xavier, whatever the price is, it’s worth it. Um, it’s probably gonna be, uh, more expensive than what, uh, what you might get a quote from other people, but again, you know, you don’t wanna be lost in that sea of, uh, of the internet. So hope this helps have a great day. And I look forward to seeing your website, uh, or your, uh, your brand get designed by Melissa or Melissa and Xavier take care. Bye-bye.
Richard Thalheimer
Founder & CEO, The Sharper Image, Author and Investor
Xavier is creative pioneer. His masterful design work influenced the success of The Sharper Image catalogues and shaped our retail stores visual experience.
His inspired work represents in three decades of striking cover designs, cutting edge photography art direction and eye-catching ads. His inspired and supportive nature always pushes for more.
Xavier’s expertise helped make The Sharper Image iconic and has impacted the major brand advertising trends we see today.
Over the past 25 years, his team has always exceeded my highest expectations. I choose them for all my endeavors whether it be new brand concepts, books, catalogs, filming product videos, web design, photography, ads or creating unique packaging. In my experience, the key is finding people who make your ideas better. It’s a game-changing asset to your company to hire creative professionals who take ownership in your succes and drive your vision-forward.
Xavier and, his partner, Melissa are a dream team. They rarely have openings because people like me partner with them for years. If they reach out to you or you’re introduced to them – bring them on board or get on their waiting list. Talent like them is rare. When excellence comes knocking, open the door and invite them in.

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