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In 2009, Simon Sinek told everyone to Start with Why? Tomorrow morning your competition is paying someone to ask them “Why?”
This is your first advantage.
Don’t laugh. We were once die-hard disciples of “why” too. But in every meeting, for every client, we couldn’t help but notice brows furrowed, the buzz of the room flat-lined, and possibilities dropped dead at the altar of “what we think we should say.
We stopped asking why.
We listened to the energy.
We followed the goosebumps.
We played in curiosity.
We researched our hunch and discovered we were on to something. Blair Dunkley’s Mind Models confirmed our experience — “why” only digs from the past. It provokes reason, rationalization, explanations, excuses, and justifications.
We discovered limitless momentum blossoms from the muses of what, who, and how. Brand evolution must stimulate motive, pique interest, and beckon you to transform into who you want to become. Your power of uniqueness and evolution inspires your dream customer to grow with you and leads them to new desires and possibilities.
Creativity with intention is the unfair advantage.
It explores wild realms of imagination with a disciplined eye and resonant ear. Tomorrow morning you could be working with us — feeling goosebumps of clarity, deepening your focus through being understood and implementingyour unfair advantage of becoming better.
PS. We adore Simon. We know he celebrates the power of purpose. We wholeheartedly agree. We just don’t ask “why” on purpose.

Our Superpower Is Helping VIsion Forward Leaders Trailblaze.

We are creative thinkers.
We dream about art, words and imagine new horizons.
We revolt against mediocrity.
We believe that creativity is not an isolated talent and needs to be integrated with other skills like strategy, conceptual thinking, and communication to create meaningful and effective work.
We believe that the best ideas come from listening, understanding and empathizing with your audience.
We believe that great design is evocative and persuasive.
We believe essence of great branding and advertising work is to find the simplicity and bring it to life with potent visuals and memorable messages.
We believe that the goal of communication is not to be clever or cute, but to be clear and effective in delivering a message.
We believe that to create work that stands out and makes a lasting impact you must take risks and challenge conventional wisdom.
We believe that the most successful creative work is rooted in a deep understanding of human behavior, sociology, history and psychology.
We believe in commitment. We also believe not everything in the creative process will be great, but the dedication to creative will lead to something groundbreaking.
We believe that it’s important to stay true to your own values and beliefs while being open to learning and growing as a creative professional.
We believe that doing great work requires passion, discipline, and a strong work ethic.
We believe that creativity can and should be used as a force for positive change in the world.
We believe creativity can solve any problem.
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Dora Barilla, DrPH
President, Co-Founder, HC2 Strategies


Melissa Kunde

Idea Architect, Action Chief


– Unknown Author

Melissa Kunde

Idea Architect, Action Chief
Superpower: Melissa’s superpower is her ability to turn complex or hard-to-explain concepts into clear and magnetic communication through intuition and creative imagination.
Melissa is the Idea Architect and Action Chief who turns complex brand concepts into clear and magnetic communication.
With decades of experience in sales, radio, digital marketing, and leadership, Melissa is a powerhouse strategist and muse for brands seeking fresh ideas, clean design, and a stronger digital presence.
Her entrepreneurial spirit and foresight have earned her nationwide recognition, while her long-standing partnerships and certifications with DigitalMarketer and Wizard Academy attest to her exceptional skills.
Melissa Kunde is the secret weapon. She is a muse of creative ideas and force for moving big ideas forward.

Xavier Estrada

Chief of Brand Design


– Jonathan Ive

Xavier Estrada

Chief of Brand Design
Superpower: Xavier’s superpower is his ability to imagine concepts turn them into vivid flowing narratives. This ability and transform brands and products into visual stories that captivate audiences and drive sales.
With over 24 years of experience working with trendsetting brands like Google, BMW, The Sharper Image, and U2, he has developed world-class design knowledge that gives his clients a competitive edge.
One of his greatest accomplishments was revolutionizing high-end product imaging and changing the way products are photographed and showcased in advertising, print, and websites.
He has a unique skill and point of view that influences every aspect of his work, turning flat images into nuanced visual narratives that resonate with consumers.
Xavier’s elite talent has attracted work from industry giants and visionary small businesses alike, designing brand identities, websites and platforms, advertising campaigns, and brand packaging for major video games, tech gadgets, and luxury products.
His ability to create fresh ideas and clean designs while providing a clear path to a stronger digital presence is what makes him a sought-after Chief of Brand Design.


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